Peter Euclide, Ph.D.

I am research biologist interested in using the combination of population ecology and modern molecular techniques to address conservation and management questions. My current research uses genetic data to identify how populations of fish are structured by aquatic barriers such as dams, fall lines and causeways. However, I have had the opportunity to work on all sorts of other projects such as:

My research career began in college at Kent State University in Ohio where I worked in two very different labs, one studying community ecology of stream leaf packs and the other studying the population genetics of Lobelia siphilitica. After completing my B.S. in organismal biology, I moved to the University of Vermont and earned a M.Sc. in Natural Resources studying the diel vertical migration behavior of Mysis diluviana in Lake Champlain before changing departments and earning a Ph.D. in Biology studying the impact of habitat fragmentation on five different species of fish.

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